For Sellers


Before placing your home on the market, you will need to evaluate your home for essential property repairs, cosmetic improvements and in some cases, major renovations to take place. You need to take proper care to ensure that your most valuable asset is shown in its absolute best light. Luckily, a major thing that sets McGill Realtors apart is our FULL SERVICE EXPERIENCE which includes FREE home staging! We have spent over $50,000 on items that can give your home the wow factor that attracts buyers and potentially multiple offers. Remember it is not enough to simply get potential buyers into the home the key is to help them visualize what life there would look like.


Perhaps the single most important aspect when determining fair market value is to pay attention to what is going on around you. As with anything, pricing strategy is largely based on local supply and demand. Setting a fair market value on your home is the best way to ensure your home sells within a reasonable amount of time. When we sit down with you for a FREE no obligation comparative market analysis we take into account current local market inventory, neighbourhood trends, economic factors and property appraisals or tax assessments.


If there is one thing we pride ourselves on it is our ability to market the properties of our clients. Once your home has gone through our FREE staging service we capture everything by using only professional photographers and videographers. Our aerial drone videos showcase property in a way unlike anything you have ever seen making your property the talk of the town. Whether through our extremely high traffic presence on Facebook, neighbourhood flyers, newsletters, or this website we make sure you stand out! Once you decide to list your home and we have gone through the process of staging and photography it will be time to actually show your home in person. We will advise you on how showings and open houses fit into the marketing and selling strategy and we will work with you to facilitate them with as little interruption to your normal daily life as possible.


As in any deal the best case scenario is to create a win-win situation for both the buyer and the seller. Sellers must be aware that every offer is open to acceptance, counter, and decline. As such it is important for sellers to be patient and maintain a big picture approach during the process. Every situation is different and we will help you weigh all options such as price, inclusions, and possession dates.


Once a mutually acceptable deal has been successfully negotiated the subject removal process usually takes between 5 and 7 days upon which time the buyer will pay the deposit set out in the contract in the form of certified bank draft. From this point McGill Realtors will facilitate the conveyance process.